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Tewkesbury School Mock Interviews

A worthwhile and rewarding experience assisting with Year 10 Mock Interview Skills Day at Tewkesbury School.


10th July, 2019


Tewkesbury School


As part of our ongoing strategy to address skills shortages within the industry, Amiosec are engaging more with local schools such as Tewkesbury School. Having previously attended the schools Business Breakfast where they discussed their aspirations to work closer with local businesses (in order to understand all the different career routes and options available to their students), the school reached out to us to ask if we could be a part of their Year 10 Mock Interview Skills Day.

The day involved representatives from local businesses interviewing the students on general topics, in order to give the students practice in answering the sorts of questions they could face in the next few years. For some students, this was their first experience of a formal interview with external employers and so provided a great opportunity for constructive feedback, tips on how to present themselves to a future employer, and also an opportunity to show them that interviews aren’t as daunting as they might think.

Amiosec had a great time talking with several bright and enthusiastic students, some of whom are thinking about working in the cyber security industry. This gave us a unique chance to have a one-to-one conversation about what we do on a daily basis at Amiosec, what we look for in a potential candidate, and it allowed the students to ask us lots of questions that they had about the industry. Although it was only a brief time spent with the students, we believe experiences like this can have a huge impact on a students outlook as sometimes all it takes is one conversation to spark an interest.

Sarah Baird, the Careers Coordinator who organised the event, followed up with some great feedback on how the day went: “Just to say thank you so much for the time you gave our students yesterday. I was genuinely touched by your sincerity, warmth and genuine desire to help our young people. 

Please do not underestimate the impact that you have had on our students as they begin to consider their futures. For most this was their first formal encounter with an employer. These students are now in a fortunate position to be able to reflect on the feedback you have given them. I know they will be able to put some of the skills they have learnt into practice as their confidence grows and they start to experience the working world.”

Amiosec look forward to the next mock interview skills session which will take place around September time.

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