Catch us in the Arcade

Amiosec is excited to be part of this year's Cheltenham Science Festival taking place at Imperial Square during 4 - 9 June.

You can find us in the arcade where we'll be offering guests the chance to take on our Amiosec Challenge Boards, compete in multiplayer games as well as enjoy a range of puzzles including our audio-based 'guess the game' challenge.


Can you beat our Amiosec Challenge Boards?

Hand-built especially for Cheltenham Science Festival by our talented team of apprentices and graduates, the Amiosec Challenge Board is a gaming device packed full of retro arcade classics.

Whether you're a sucker for a game of 'snake' or can't resist pinging some 'pong' there's a Challenge Board classic out there begging for some button bashing!

What's more, high-scoring players can see their dazzling digits featured on our big screen as part of the Amiosec leaderboard. Got what it takes to reach the top? We'll see you there!

Play solo

Be the master of your own gaming destiny by playing solo on any of our handheld single-player devices

Play together

Take on your friends (and foes if you can keep it civil!) across our exciting range of multi-player games

Play puzzles

From 'guess the game' audio challenges to decoding secret messages there's plenty to do on the Amiosec stand


Perplexing puzzles for curious codebreakers

Join us for some history with an edge of mystery - unravelling codebreaking through the ages.

From cracking the codes of ancient Rome, to deciphering morse code our perplexing puzzles for curious codebreakers will have you making and breaking codes in no time!

Our Decode activity pack is completely free to download for printing at home.
Psssst - you can keep things super print friendly by only printing the activity pages, wink wink.

More about Cheltenham Science Festival

Taking place from Tuesday 4 – Sunday 9 June, Cheltenham Science Festival will cover a range of fascinating topics across over 100 events.